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Legal advice

Web Domain

Web domains, and are property of the Granada City Council (P1808900C. Plaza del Carmen. 18071. Granada).

This web site is managed from the Center for the Integrated Management of Mobility (from now on CGIM) from the Regulation Service and Access Control of the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Department of the Excellency City Council of Granada. The address is Plaza del Carmen n° 5 | 18071 Granada | Tel. Information 010.

You can contact us in the telephone number 958248249 or email us to, we recommend this way.

CGIM has this web to ease public access to the information and pretend to be precise and exactly,to be frecuently updated, trying to avoid mistakes and correct them as soon as possible.Howver, the CGIM can not guarantee the absence of mistakes and to be permanently updated.In the same way, the CGIM is not responsible of the precision nor the update of information from other natural or legal person that appears on the web page.

All the services in the web page are given by th CGIM in agreement to the current normatives and legislation.

The user will get to the website and will use its contents according to the current normative. The user can not use this website with illegal purpose or prohibited in the current terms of use, being forbidden any actuation in detrimental of Granada City Council, or third persons.

Specially the user won´t use the website to damage, render useless or overload the services and information offered, won´t interfere in the use of these services or information by third parties, won´t try to get to other websites, services, software or webs connected to the Portal without authorization nor intrusion (hacking) or any other unauthorized way.

The Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada reserves the right to temporary suspend the access to the website, without notification, random and for a short time.

Terms of Use

  1. The services and information provided by the Portal are completely free.
  2. The Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada reserves the right to modify the conditions or terms of use of this website, without notification.
  3. The Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada reserves the right to include or exclude information on the web.
  4. The use of this Portal is ruled by the spanish legal regulation and this general rules. Any controversy from this interpretation , execution or use of the Portal, will be Tribunal and Court competences.
  5. It is forbidden to use the Portal in an illegal actuation, and specially the following ones:
    • Mass Mailing or spam.
    • Any kind of third person´s rights violation.
    • Any activity whose contents are pornographic, obscene, slanderous or illegal in any way.
    • Upload virus, damaged files or programmes that could damage the website or third parties.
    • Use this web in a inadecuate way and attending to its own purpose.
  6. Restrictions of use.
    Any link made with the Portal contents, requires the approval of the The Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada and should allow its identification. The use of this information requires expressed authorization.
  7. Responsability.
    The City Council of Granada is not responsible in any case of any harm caused to third persons by a website user due to a illegal or inadecuated use , or due to the contents and information obtained through it,or the sites vinculated to it. Will be responsibles of it the users or third parties that originated the damages.

The occasional references made in the website to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information, using the mark, commercial name, manufacturer or supplier mark from third persons, doesn´t imply recommendation, patronage or support by the Granada City Council.

Granada City Council doesn´t guarantee the continuity or availability of the Portal and its services, so it won´t be responsible of the damage or prejudice occasionated due to this lack of continuity or availability.

Granada City Council doesn´t guarantee the absence of virus in the website and its contents, included connections through links, and it won´t be responsible of the damage or prejudice occasionated due to these virus.

Granada City Council doesn´t guarantee the legality, reliability, utility, veracity, exactitude, exhaustiveness and upgrading of the contents in the web page lended directly or by third persons, links included, so it won´t be responsible of any damage or prejudice caused.

The access and use of this web page gives the condition of user and imply the acceptance of every term in this portal, without prejudice to the access to other webpages could be subjects to acceptance of additional particular conditions.

Data protection

Security policy of CGIM is ruled by the personal data protection laws.

According to the Fundamental Law 15/1999, we inform people who send their data through questionnaires in this Web, email or any other way, that their data will be used only to answer to their comunications. If you provide the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada your email, you allow it to answer using them.

Cameras only show the traffic status and never to identify people.

Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights of the contents of the web page, it design and codes are property of the CGIM and, therefore, it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, public communication and transformation, but for private and personal use.

The photographs and texts in this web page are protected by the intellectual property laws. It is prohibited to reproduce in a total or partial way, except for prívate use or CGIM authorization, and with particular targets in relation with Mobility Area of Granada.

This Portal is property of the City Council of Granada. The rights of Intellectual and Industrial Porperty of the Website, the CSS and HTML codes, pages, screens, information, appearance, design, logotype, marks and distinctive signs in the portal, are exclusive property of the City Council of Granada, except those elements whose property is clearly shown, and these elements as well:

Content of the website and links

The purpose of the information in this website is the citizen´s service and general information, and won´t be a normative interpretation, nor legal or economical consideration in the terms stablished in the Real Decreto 208/1996, of 9 February, that regulate the Administrative Informative Service and the customer service.

CGIM won´t be responsible of the bad use of the contents of the webpage, being responsability of the people who uses it.

CGIM won´t assume any responsability for the information shown in third persons web pages that you can enter through links or searchers in the CGIM website. These links will have an informative use only.

We suggest to check the vigency, upgrade and exactitude of the information in this website.

Technics and security

This Web page is hosted in the CGIM servers, with address in las Fuerzas Armadas Avenue s/n, Administrative Complex "Los Mondragones", 18014 Granada.

CGIM has the technical and organizational to guarantee the security of data, systems and servers from the suspected risks from human actions or the enviroment.

CGIM won´t be responsible of posible damages or prejudices from interferences, omissions, interruptions, virus, telephone breakdowns, malicious modifications or disconnections in the functioning of this system due to alien causes to CGIM or delays or block to the use of this system dute to faults or overloading in the Data Proccess Center of CGIM, the Internet or other electronic systems, as well as damages caused by third persons with illegal interferences out of the CGIM control.

CGIM is exonerated from any damage or prejudice responsability that the user may have, due to mistakes, omissions or imperfections in the information provided by CGIM when it comes from other source different from CGIM.

Web browsers

This website was developed and optimized for this web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 25 and later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and later
  • Google Chrome 30 and later
  • Opera 17 and later

If you use other browsers or previous versions, it's possible that web look or working will not be suitable.

Terms of use about Info reutilization

General Conditions

This legal advise gather the general conditions that rule the reuse of information of the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area that will be regulated by the State Law 37/2007, of 16 november, about reuse of the information in the public area. The access to the data group that the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area show in this Web site means the acceptance of these terms of use, whose target is to protect and promote of the commitment that the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area has with the reuse of information in the public area.

If you have any doubt or want to make a suggestion about the term of use, please, contact us in:

We understand that:

  • Reuse: it is the use of documents in the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada, by civil or natural person, with commercial or non commercial goals, when this uses doesn´t make an administrative public activity.
  • Document: all information, whatever its software and graphical or sound displays are.
  • Reuser agent: every civil or natural person who reuse the infomation in the public area with commercial or non commercial purpose.

Data group license

All the groups of data that the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Area of Granada provides,will be published under the Creative Commons-Atribution unported (CC-by 3.0)license, and allows to:

  • Copy, distribute and spread publically.
  • Be used as base to other works as a result of its analysis or study.
  • Use them with commercial or non commercial purpose
  • Modify, transform and adapt, making public these changes.

Also, the reuse of the information in the data groups has these conditions:

  • It won´t be changed the sense of information,
  • The source of the documents susceptible of reuse will be mentioned,
  • It will be mentioned the last update of the reused documents, when it is included in the original document,
  • It can not indicate, insinuate or suggest that Granada City Council takes part, sponsor or support the reuse done.
  • There have to keep unaltered the metadata about the update date of the group of data and the reuse conditions.

The acceptance of the Terms of Use won´t means the authorization of the copyright nor the intelectual property of the group of data.

This Area reserves the right to publish groups of data with economic costs.The quantity of these amounts will be to satisfy the costs associated to the gathering, production, reproduction and diffusion, not being higher than the costs.


The use, reproduction,change or distribution of the groups of dara means, under the terms of the Creative Commons - Reconocimiento (CC-by 3.0)license, the responsability of recognise the authorship and mention the City Council of Granada as source of the group of data as shown:

Source: Center for the Integrated Management of Mobility of the Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Department of the Excellency City Council in Granada.

In you include this cite in HTML, you can use this or similar:

Fuente de los datos:
<a href="" title="CGIM - Movilidad Granada">
Área de Movilidad del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Granada

Responsability exclusion

This Department is not responsible of the damaged or loose that ,directly or indirectly,included those who have economic , material or data loss, cause or may cause the use of the group of data.The use of the group of data will be on the user side or reuse agents on their own risk.

This Department doesn´t offer any guarantee of the group of data published, so it can not ensure ,in spite of all the efforts made to manage the data properly, its integrity, upgrade, precisión or continous access to these groups of data.

This Department can, at any time, add, eliminate or modify the group of data published or these Terms of Use.

Reuser agent responsability

The user or reuser agent is ruled by Law 37/2007, of 16 november, about reuse information in the public sector, especially its penalty regulations,and all the regulations wich affects the use of information, Fundamental Law 15/1999, of personal data protection and the Royal Decree Law 1/1996, of 12 april, that approves the text of the intellectual property.

This Department can, at its own risk, cancel or suspend the access to the group of data, without noticing, to those who this Department consider illegal to these terms of use, or use, reproduce, modifies or spread the group of data in an inappropiate or harming way. In case of cancellation or suspension, the person or entity won´t be authorized again to use or reproduce this data and also, this Department can use any way to make its decision effective.

This cancellation or suspension won´t be effective in those people or entities that have recieved the data through the person or enity object of the cancellation or suspensión and, in other case , is fulfilling these Terms of Use.

It won´t be possible to indicate publically , suggest or insinuate that this Department or any of its organism, entities, companies or agents take part, sponsor, or support the specific use or reproduction that a person or entity make on the group of data,refrainig from the use of any written, graphic, visual or hearing or any kind that may confuse the user of the participation or support of this Department, its organism, entitites, companies or agents, in the activity of the user of the information or group of data.

Software and external links

This portal may provide links to other web pages, with no control and no responsability over them, and the user will be responsible to accept the conditions of that page at any case.

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